Building Networks for Out Community


Network Concept

One of the goals of the NanoDivision is to help the nano-renewables community develop networks that help link people-to-people and people-to-resources. This will likely work through combined social and literature networking sites.

  • We have started with LinkedIn and Google Scholar, but this will expand depending on Member needs/requests.
  • Member input is needed regarding the sites we should link with.
  • Members can get involved (ie "Nano ops") to help the NanoDivision link with these social and literature networking sites.



The "unofficial NanoDivison group" for sharing information on all topics related to cellulose nanomaterials will be the group initiated and monitored by Dr. Julien Bras (Grrenoble INP). You are invited to join in on the fun, please click on the link. Join TAPPI Linkedin Group 


Google Scholar:

Please consider signing up with Google Scholar as it is a great resource to search for people and find relevant literature. Authors can select specific "subject areas" to help categorize research areas and applications. Many subject areas overlap with our efforts in Nanotechnology as it relates to renewable materials. The idea is for our community to narrow this down and identify a few target names to use in our subject areas. Below is one example of subject areas to include:

Cellulose Nanomaterials: This subject area follows the ISO definition scheme and is inclusive for any type of cellulose nanoparticles be it cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibrils, bacterial cellulose, algae cellulose, etc... To see current list click here: Cellulose Nanomaterials