Nanocellulose Directory

 The Biobased Markets Directory of Cellulose Nanomaterials

The Biobased Markets Directory of Cellulose Nanomaterials is the world’s most complete global listing dedicated to the Nanocellulose Industry. The Directory includes more than a hundred Nanocellulose Producers, Technology Providers, Service Providers, Government Agencies, Research Institutes and Universities – all connected to and working with Nanocellulose!

Each entity listed includes a brief company description including contact info, web site link, and more. The Directory also includes tables of Producers and Capacities from the TAPPI Cellulose Nanomaterials Production Summary.  

The Directory is available as a free PDF download. The Directory was created to increase visibility for researchers and producers of cellulose nanomaterials globally, and to help end users identify potential partners and suppliers for new bio-based product market opportunities. To facilitate the broadest possible global distribution of the Directory, all are encouraged to share!