Nanomaterial Production Subcommittee


Dave Skuse

VP Technology at FiberLean Technologies ltd

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Mehdi Tajvidi

School of Forest Resources (SFR)

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Hidayah Ariffin

University Putra Malaysia

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Nanomaterial Production Subcommittee

This subcommittee focuses on:

  1. Production of CNMs (CNFs, CNCs, TEMPO-CNF, CF, etc.) and their lignin-containing versions such as LCNFs and LCNCs from various raw materials and through different techniques
  2. Structure-processing-property relationships in various CNMs, quality assessment, stability of CNM suspension
  3. Energy and cost reduction methods
  4. Drying CNMs (freeze drying, spray drying, supercritical drying, microwave drying, etc.) and dewatering (press, filtration, ultrasound, contact dewatering, etc.)
  5. Efficient pre-treatment methods to improve process throughput and productivity
  6. Process optimization and scale up

Committee Leadership:

Chair:  Dave Skuse, Fiberlean

Vice-chair:  Mehdi Tajvidi, University of Maine

Secretary:  Hidayah Ariffin, University Putra Malaysia