Applications and Product Development: CNF & MFC Subcommittee


Keith Gourlay

Performance BioFilaments

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Dr. Warren Batchelor


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Mehdi Tajvidi

School of Forest Resources 

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This subcommittee focuses on the incorporation and use of CNF & MFC in downstream applications. For applications and products using CNC, lignin, or other nanomaterials, refer to Applications and Product Development: CNC, Lignin, and other Nanomaterials Subcommittee

Focus areas covered by this subcommittee will include the production and characterization of new products containing CNF & MFC. Application areas will include (but are not limited to):

  1. Polymer Composites (thermoplastics and thermosets)
  2. Other Composites (inorganic matrices such as cement/concrete, sol-gels, metal-organic frameworks, etc.)
  3. Papers (high CNF/MFC-content papers, as well as more traditional papers containing CNF/MFC as an additive)
  4. Foams (rigid, soft, composite, etc.)
  5. Scaffolds (catalysts, cell cultures/biomedical, etc.)
  6. Freestanding Films and Membranes (transparent/translucent films, barrier properties, ion-exchange, filtration, substrate for printed electronics, battery separators, etc.)
  7. Coatings (barrier properties, substrate for printed electronics, etc.)
  8. Adhesives and Binders
  9. Other Products (emerging applications and new developments)

Committee Leadership:

Chair:  Keith Gourlay, Performance Biofilaments

Vice-Chair:  Warren Batchelor, Monash University

Secretary:  Mehdi Tajvidi, University of Maine