Applications and Product Development: CNC, Lignin, and other Nanomaterials Subcommittee


Diego Gomez 

Northeastern University


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Dr. Yun-Jin 

FiberLean Technologies Ltd

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Dr. Nathalie Lavoine 

North Carolina State University 

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This subcommittee focuses on the incorporation and use of CNC, Lignin, and Other Nanomaterials in downstream applications. For applications and products using CNF & MFC, refer to Applications and Product Development: CNF & MFC Subcommittee.

Focus areas covered by this subcommittee will include the production and characterization of new products containing CNC, Lignin, and Other Nanomaterials. Application areas will include (but are not limited to) novel composite/hybrid-, soft-, and functional materials exploiting and utilizing the inherent characteristics and unique properties of cellulose nanocrystals, lignin and its nano-analogs, and other renewable nanoparticles and nanostructures. This committee aims to share the latest discoveries on fundamental & applied knowledge, research & development with the community, industry and society, to advance the end-use applications of these renewable (nano)materials.

Focus Areas:

  1. Valorization of native (as residual) & technical lignin, across the length scale, into sustainable products for the replacement of petroleum-derived products (from barrier films, foams, to emulsions & other products and applications)
  2. At the nexus of Science, Technology & Arts: Iridescent CNC-based products & applications
  3. CNC-based soft and functional advanced materials
  4. Application of renewable nanomaterials in biomedical & pharmaceutical applications
  5. Focus on addressing Sustainable Development Goals
  6. Renewable nanomaterials (other than CNF & MFC) for the partial or total replacement of polymeric and inorganic matrices

Committee Leadership:

Chair:  Diego Gomez, Northeastern University

Vice-chair:  Yun Jin, Fiberlean

Secretary:  Nathalie Lavoine, North Carolina State University