Nanotechnology Division to Host Webinar

Cellulose nanomaterials show promise as a new breakthrough opportunity for the pulp and paper industry. If you have been involved or watched the introduction of new materials into this industry, you know that the path is not easy. Understanding the regulatory hurdles associated with planned use is one of the many critical steps to minimizing uncertainty.

At noon EST on Thursday, February 27, join Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D. of Vireo Advisors LLC for the webinar, Roadmap for the Safe and Sustainable Commercialization of Nanocellulose. Dr. Shatkin will describe the state of the science for assessing the safety of nanocellulose. Key considerations for safely commercializing nano-enabled products will also be highlighted.

This webinar describes the development of an environmental health and safety roadmap for nanocellulose to ensure commercialization opportunities are informed by state of the art testing and analysis demonstrating the safety of consumer and related products containing nanocellulose.

Responsible and sustainable new technology development requires proactive consideration of potential impacts across the life cycle of materials. The need for data a priori to application development creates challenges for a regulatory structure designed to test individual substances in pure form.

For novel nanoscale materials, limitations in the availability and reliability of data create challenges for measuring and assessing their potential risks to health and the environment in real world applications, particularly because of the dynamic nature of these materials in the environment. The webinar describes a methodology for assessing potential health and environmental risks of novel materials, NANO LCRA, an iterative, tiered approach to risk assessment of nanomaterials, incorporating life cycle systems thinking into the risk analysis paradigm to inform data gaps, with increasing data requirements as products approach commercialization. The state of the science for understanding nanocellulose behavior across the product life cycle will be summarized and the roadmap toward sustainable commercialization presented.

This 60-minute webinar is ideal for CTOs, Regulatory Affairs, Sustainability Officers, and Innovation Officers.

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