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Nano360° - Special Edition-October 2014

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October 2014  

Executive Editor: Tony Lyons, Imerys


From Division Chair Robert Moon, US Forest Service

Robert MoonGreetings everyone!

I am honored to be the new Division Chair for TAPPI’s International Nanotechnology Division. I’ve got some big shoes to fill, but I have a great team with me to help out. I am pleased to have Emily Cranston from McMaster University as Division Vice Chair and Leslie McLain of Imerys as Division Secretary.

One of our main goals in leading this Division is to provide forums to promote the use of renewable nanomaterials. We are in the process of creating committees to bring together producers, users, and researchers to network and learn. We are also building a database that lists producers and applications of cellulose nanomaterials. You’ll hear more about these activities later this fall.

We also are very dedicated to building on the success of the conference this summer in Vancouver. We had over 230 delegates from 25 countries at the conference. The Call for Submissions for the 2015 Conference has been issued, so please circulate to your colleagues.

Robert Moon, US Forest Products Lab 



From the Conference Co-Chairs

Commercial Announcements

Honoring Dr. Berry

Student Posters

Great Moments in Vancouver


Standards Update

Save the Date

Top 20 Under 30 Nominations



This year’s conference was exceptional. The keynote and technical presentations were of very high quality, and we saw an excellent balance of presentations on fundamental topics and applications. The advancements made in many applications show great promise, and we will see expanded commercial use of these renewable biomaterials.

Expert scientists from around the globe shared new insights and remarkable, high quality work. At this year’s conference, we also had significant representation from those companies and organizations in Japan that are involved in cellulose nanomaterials.

As co-chairs, we express our sincerest appreciation to the theme leaders, speakers, and session chairs for their participation at this year’s conference. Your contributions and dedication made this year’s event a truly memorable success!

We also wish to thank all attendees for their participation. We very much appreciate your personal contributions and engagement, and know that you share our excitement of being involved in a frontier technology development that can lead to a host of new value-added products. Nanotechnology and renewable materials are a combination that promises to have significant commercial impact for the forest products industry.

We hope that you found great value in attending the conference, both through attending the other sessions as well as networking with colleagues old and new. Once again, thank you for joining us in Vancouver! 


Wadood Y. Hamad, FPInnovations (Canada)
Orlando Rojas, NCSU (USA) and Aalto University (Finland)
Akira Isogai, Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)  





Several key commercial announcements were made at this year’s conference, highlighting the tangible growth in this emerging market area of renewable biopolymers:

  • Celluforce, which opened their commercial plant in January 2012, shared six advanced commercial projects.
  • Imerys announced the launch of their new FiberLean™ MFC innovative composite, which enables a 10-15% reduction in fiber usage for papermaking applications.
  • Representatives from the newly formed BioFilaments shared information on their unique high performance biomaterial derived from wood cellulose to be used as reinforcing agents and rheological modifiers.
  • Blue Goose Biorefineries presented their patent-pending process for producing cellulose nanocrystals from wood pulp.
  • Nippon Paper Industries introduced Cellenpia, their cellulose nanofibers produced from their pre-commercial plant.
  • GL&V presented their commercial system, developed with the University of Maine, to produce cellulose nanofibrils at a very low energy cost.
  • American Process Inc. presented their latest results of producing lignin-coated nanocellulose particles using their AVAP® technology which produces a material that is more easily dispersed and has enhanced properties.

You can read more about these companies and others in a conference summary that ran in a TAPPI Ahead-of-the-Curve article by Jack Miller, Principal Consultant Market-Intell LLC and Associate Consultant at RISI on August 20, 2014.




RichardBerryDr. Richard Berry, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for CelluForce, was honored with TAPPI’s International Nanotechnology Division’s first Technical Award. This award recognizes outstanding accomplishments or contributions which have advanced the responsible and sustainable production and use of renewable nanomaterials.

Berry is currently Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for CelluForce. Prior to moving to CelluForce in 2011 he was Principal Scientist and leader of the nanotechnology initiative at FPInnovations. Dr. Berry was presented his award at the opening session of the 2014 Conference. Imerys sponsored the award, and included a cash prize.

Sean Ireland (Verso Paper Corp.) with Dr. Richard Berry (CelluForce), and Paris Kyriacopoulos (Imerys).




The Student Poster Competition provides an opportunity for students to be recognized for their research efforts. This year’s competition with cash prizes was again sponsored by Verso Paper Corp.(USA). Posters were reviewed by a team of judges, who evaluated the objective of the work, experimental plan, layout and presentation of results, and conclusions.

The 2014 Student Poster Winners are:
Yuji MengFirst Place – Yuji Meng, University of Tennessee (USA) Characterization of Microfibril Cellulose Aerogel: Surface, Structural and Absorption Properties 

Second Place - Jenna Schardt, Oregon State University (USA) Cellulose Nanofibers: A Template for Sodium Ion Battery Anodes

Third Place – Judith Margaret Winglee, Duke University (USA) Cellulose Nanofibril Enhanced Microfiltration Membranes

Congratulations to all three students!   


 Third place winner Judith Margaret Winglee,
Duke University with Division Chair Sean
Ireland,   Verso Paper Corp.



Concluding Panel on Markets for Nanocellulosic Materials
The momentum and excitement at the 2014 Conference continued up until the final panel session. Attendees filled the room to hear four key panelists discuss commercial opportunities for nanocellulosic materials. Richard Berry (CelluForce), Bruce Lyne (KTH), Paris Kyriacopoulos (Imerys), and Antti Laukkanen (Betulium) shared their views on developing renewable materials and companies to produce them. A very lively discussion with the audience followed addressing renewable materials and market pull, industry awareness, and the safety of nanomaterials.

Dinner and Drinks on the Corporate Yacht
Conference delegates enjoyed the beautiful June weather in Vancouver on a dinner cruise around the city, with fantastic views, great food and memorable conversations.

Sharing Discoveries with the Conference App
TAPPI introduced a new conference app for Smartphones at the 2014 conference. This was a great way to connect with fellow delegates as well as sort through the technical program. Inspired by a contest to post to the app, delegates shared photos of presenters reporting on their newest results, new friends, and having fun in Vancouver.



Conference presentations are now available online as free downloads for TAPPI members. 




At the Standards Workshop held at the 2014 Conference, updates on activities in standards development within TAPPI, ISO, and CSA were given. An update on activities in standards development for EHS standards was also given.

Dr. World Nieh, US Forest Service, provided an update on the TAPPI terminology standard, TAPPI WI3021: Standard Terms and Their Definition for Cellulose Nanomaterials.” A second ballot was conducted, but an additional ballot is needed due to an out-of-balance voting group. In addition, the draft standard has been submitted to ISO TC 229 Nanotechnologies to begin the process of developing an ISO standard for terminology.

Brian Haydon, Senior Project Manager with CSA, the Canadian Standards Association, provided an update on its newly issued standard Z5100-14 Cellulosic nanomaterials – Test methods for characterization. This standard is a consolidated set of test methods to characterize base cellulosic nanomaterials. For more information on CSA’s standards for nanomaterials and to purchase a copy of Z5100-14, visit CSA Group standards

Dr. Jo Anne Shatkin, President of Vireo Advisors, gave an update on global activities directed to developing standards for cellulosic nanomaterials. She reviewed the state of the art, current measurement challenges, and exploring other measurement techniques. Dr. Shatkin also provided an update on how current activities aligned with the Standards Roadmap developed in 2011.

Dr. Linda Johnston, National Research Council Canada, provided an update on activities within ISO TC 229: Nanotechnologies. A new work item proposal was submitted and approved to develop a technical report on “Characterization of Cellulose Nanocrystals: Particle Morphology, Purity and Surface Properties.”

ISO TC 6 Pulp, Paper and Board has launched a special task group to address cellulosic nanomaterials. The scope of this group is to identify ISO projects (TR, TS, standards) on cellulosic nanomaterials and advise on which WG shall lead it, as well as to examine the possibility of including cellulosic nanomaterials specificity factors in existing TC6 standards when they come up for systematic review.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in developing standards, please contact Colleen Walker at TAPPI.




Abstracts are now being accepted for review for the 2015 Conference. Please visit the event website and view the Call for Submissions. Abstracts are due 1 November 2014.

The 2015 International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials will be held 22-25 June 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The 2015 Conference Co-Chairs are:

  • Yaman Boluk – Professor, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Alain Dufresne – Professor, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France 
  • Sean Ireland – Manager, New Technologies and Market Ventures, Verso Paper Corp., USA




TAPPI YPNominations are being accepted for “Top 20 Under 30 Young Professionals” which recognizes the top emerging leaders in the paper, packaging, and related industries, and will be presented during the TAPPI Centennial Celebration in April. If you, or anyone you know, exemplifies leadership and outstanding talent, has demonstrated exceptional ability or made significant contributions to research, production or management already in their career, please consider nominating them for this honor. 




TAPPI Centennial Celebration,14-18 April 2015, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2015 TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials, 22-25 June 2015, Atlanta, Georgia, USA





Expand your network and build new relationships as a engaged volunteer in TAPPI’s International Nanotechnology Division. Several committees are being formed to address issues in advancing research, promoting nanomaterials, and supporting commercialization. Opportunities vary, so you can devote a little bit of time, or engage at a fuller level, depending on your interest and time.

Visit the Division website to learn more.

We want your help! If you are interesting in joining the Nano Division and becoming an active participant in these effort, please email your contact information to Nano360° or contact Lisa Stephens, +1 770 209-7313.



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